Violet and Gus' First Litter:

All the pups have gone to their new homes!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008


There are two "Ransoms" in this litter.
One of the males had the "litter name" 'Ransom' and was renamed something else once he went to his new home.
The female that had the "litter name" 'Black' was given the permanent name 'Ransom' once she went to her new home.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Personality/Temperament of Each Pup and Status:


This little girl likes to watch from the sidelines, not get out into the fray of activity. She is the second smallest pup. She is sweet, but doesn't like to be held as much as the other pups do. She is probably pretty submissive...even though she is pretty independent.

My oh my has this little girl come into her own! She no longer hangs back on the sidelines. NOW, this little sweetie often is the FIRST to come running, jumping about at your feet begging to be picked up! She has turned into a little cuddlebug! She is much, much, much more outgoing now and is extremely friendly. She is a bit higher energy than Sammy (Rosie) and Patch, but every bit as snuggly.

She is a very sweet tempered, steady pup. Though she has blossomed into one of the more outgoing pups (thanks, I am sure to LOTS of extra handling and love by the breeder), she is a submissive pup and will be a wonderful addition to absolutely any family unit that will provide her with ample chance to interact regularly with the family members (she is very people oriented and, like all of the pups, needs a home where she can be close to the family and be an integral part of their lives)...she, however, will be a joy in any loving home. She will not require an owner that is adept at assuming the alpha position.



This little guy is a highly intelligent, loyal pup that is quite EXPRESSIVE and very COMMUNICATIVE. He's ENERGETIC, LIVELY, and BOLDLY ADVENTUROUS. And, though he isn't as snuggly as many of the other pups in the litter, he IS affectionate and bonds quickly though selectively...even at this young age, he remembers those he has previously met. Once he has bonded to you, he LISTENS for you and RUNS for all he is worth when you call him. He is a very responsive dog and a very confident, bold dog. He is rewardingly affectionate to those he bonds with, but he doesn't seek out attention from just anybody...he is a very loyal dog, even at this young age. He is a real jewel and will be a blessing to the family he ends up in.


Ransom at age 4 weeks.

Other photos of "Ransom" (the male):

Update: Permanent Name is RANSOM

(first three photos of Black were taken at age 3 weeks. The remainder of the photos were taken on 7-15-08.)

This big, extra fluffy pup is distinctive from the others because she has almost no brown what-so-ever on her face. She has very expressive eyes and beutiful smoky gray markings on her legs and chest. This pup is the epitomy of CALM. Nothing phases this pup! She reacts to new situations and stimuli with utter nonchalance. Don't confuse CALM with docile, though! This sweet snuggler was the first of the puppies to find her growl and the first to playfully nip the breeder (on the nose, no less)! This fearless pup is calm and laid back and a couch potato most of the time, but more than capable of standing her ground!

Absolutely UNFLAPPABLE still describes this big pup, but couch potato does not! She is EXTREMELY ACTIVE these of the highest energy pups of the bunch if not the highest. She is not just the alpha female, she is the the alpha, period. She isn't as snuggly as some of the others, but is selectivly affectionate. She is quite bonded to the man of the house (and has become his favorite of all the pups). She is fearless, very intelligent, and a very dominant dog--so she needs to go to a home that will not be intimidated by her as she grows into her own. She will do best with an owner experienced in successfully handling strong-willed dogs...someone who will handle her confidently with calm energy (as Cesar Millan would say!) and will channel her assertive nature through early extensive socialization with numerous people and other dogs and will invest the time in her to take her through obedience classes at an early age. She already has an excellent start on socialization and that will need to be continued by her new family during the formative months of her puppyhood. Raised correctly, she will be an absolutely excellent family dog and an outstanding watchdog. She will be the self-appointed family guardian, without a doubt. She will be a bit harder to place, she would not be a good match for just any loving, family. All the puppies will need time invested in them and will need lots of love and attention, but this pup will also need a home where there is a clearly consistant sense of the owner being in the alpha position. She may not be the easiest in the litter to raise, but she will be rock steady and exceptionally impressive if molded in the right hands.

Being a favorite of this blog author/photographer, she was taken on a short outing with Ransom recently. While Ransom vocally objected to being in the tote carrier, Black just laid right down and slept peacefully during the hour drive. She is a great car rider and though she is energetic, she has a very calm, even disposition. She is very adaptable and takes change and new experiences with a calm, easy going, relaxed grace. And she is just plain adorable! Even at this young age, when she hears a strange dog barking in the distance, she instantly stands up tall and gives a few (hilariously puppified) barks back as if to say, "You just come on over here, buddy, and I'll show you who's boss!"

Black is a very busy dog these days...she is often seen undertaking the task of rearranging the other pups, dragging them by their tails until she gets them where she thinks they belong! It is hilarious to see the other puppies sitting down mule-style with all four feet DUG into the ground fruitlessly trying to stay where they already are, as Black drags them to a new location! I guess she thinks she is the oldest sister!

(Black--on left--and Ransom sharing secrets!)


Gus' Girl, Black is

She was renamed RANSOM.

Update: Permanent Name is GRETA

Buttercup is a real jewel! She is cuddly, playful, and very outgoing. She is about middle of the road when it comes to energy level within this litter (not the most energetic, but more energetic than a few of her litter mates). Buttercup has a calm, confident disposition. She doesn't seem particularly strong willed, just very good natured and easy going.

RESERVED by a Nurse in St Joseph, MO and has gone home.

Renamed: GRETA

(fourth boy) "CATCH":

This pup is sweet as can be! He is cuddly and bold. He is one of the boys that has the most contrasting brown in his face...beautiful markings!

FIVE WEEK OLD UPDATE: This little guy is spunky as can be and down right mischievious! He is an expert at quickly untying shoe laces! He is just plain one bouncy pup!

(fourth boy) CATCH
by a family from Kansas City and has gone home!


At three weeks of age, Captain was the first to tackle hard dog food, the first to go wading about in the oversized water pan, and one of the most determined of the escape artists to regularly squeeze under the confines of the dog pen to go exploring the yard beyond.

Reserved by a Texan on July 12, 2008.
Name changed to Captain Commander
Pup goes by "Commander"!

Captain at age 3 weeks, being held by the person that eventually reserved him!

Update on Captain: Due to logistical necessities, this little guy left the litter a bit early. His new owner reports that he made the long trip home to Texas unbelieveable well. He is an excellent car rider and never made any sounds except when he needed to relieve himself. He would promptly take care of business the minute his little feet hit grass and then was ready to pile back into the car! The new owner reports that he already appears to be house trained, continuing this behavior of clearly notifying her when he needs to be let outside to relieve himself. Maybe the fact that these pups are accustomed to being outside already and were not "paper trained", has made it more natural for them to continue to prefer going outside to do their business? The author of this blog also has noticed when taking little Ransom out for short trips, he clearly indicates when he needs to be taken to a patch of grass, by becoming squirmey and whining (unlike what the breeder would have you believe, he does NOT whine indiscriminately or endlessly!). He, too, takes care of business instantly and then is ready to calmly resume previous activity.

Update: Permanent Name is BALEY

The breeder's personal favorite! Rosie is very petite and dainty. She is sweetly compliant and extremely loving. This pretty little dog will be an exceptionally loyal companion.

Reserved by a Nurse from Overland Park, Kansas and has gone home!
Renamed: BALEY

Rosie at age three weeks, being held by the Breeder.

BALEY, age 5 weeks and one day, BEING HELD BY HER NEW OWNER:

"Fluff" at age 2 weeks:
UPDATE: Permanent Name is VADER

Fluff at age 3 weeks (photo on right):


This is the largest pup with the thickest coat. His markings are beautiful. He is a very laid back dog, never ruffled, very calm. With his consistently inscrutable expression, he is truly the poker-face of this litter. He does not broadcast his emotions nor his intentions.

Reserved by a Police Officer in Southwest, Missouri on July 12, 2008. Is going home August 3, 2008!
Renamed: Darth Vader

Deciding between Fluff and Captain:

Fluff no more! Now he is VADER...and here he is at age four weeks!

Update on Vader: This guy stands out from all the other pups, just by his gorgeous coat, alone. He is so fluffy! He remains one of the larger puppies and is extremely good natured. He is a little chow hound (still a growing boy!)! He likes to put everything into his eating...including all four of his legs as he crawls up into the food bowl and SITS atop the mound of dog food to get down to the serious business of eating! He also likes to put both of his front feet into the water pan whenever he mosey's over for a drink! He is a cuddle-bug, but when the breeder gets too mushy with him, he strikes an attitude! He puts up with almost all of the kissing and cooing for now, but, he is VADER, can't expect a guy to put up with too much femininity all the time!

Update: Permanent Name is GABBY

This large, fluffy pup is as sweet as can be. She is calm, cooperative, and affectionate.

Reserved and is home! HAS BEEN RENAMED GABBY!

All of the puppies in this litter are excellent and are already living up to their parentage (both parent dogs are extremely intelligent and bold).